Thrive through tech.

"We estimate our 300% growth in the last 3 years was mainly funnelled by OpenTech's involvement and contribution. Their deliverables played a super important role in getting to become the #1 in market"


Alex Drew, CEO, Odys Global

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"The solution they came up with exceeded our expectations and they really through about it not as a product, but as a really necessary tool for our needs."



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"They had excellent communication. Also, the attention to detail and fast product delivery."


Victor Spanu, Business Owner, Katana Record Shop

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"The team showed attitude and interest in the subject and was not limited to the technical part. They also came up with his own ideas. Moreover, they are really interested in the social aspect and we were impressed that they were offered probono to add value to the game, for a more significant social impact."


Catalina Molodoi, Development Manager, AJMTEM

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In Essence

Opentech is an agile software development unit.
We code smart products for people with good ideas.
Committed to tech excellence. Powered by almost two centuries of extensive background.


Business & System Analysis:

We define the scope of your product and detail its requirements during this first and quintessential phase.

Deliverables: Requirements modeling, Preliminary prototype, Product roadmap, System architecture.


Visualize and get a feel of your product through a user-focused approach.

Deliverables: Web App User Interface, Mobile App User Interface, Wireframes.

Application Development:

Build your tailor-made product with our fully in-house team, a dedicated PM, and rigorous QA principles. Always according to industry best practices.

Deliverables: Custom Web App, Custom Mobile App, API, Quality Metrics.

Team Augumentation:

Scale your team rapidly. We take care of the rest.

How we work & what you get

Our partnerships are guided by two constructs: values and individuality.
We reveal the full potential of startup ideas through cost-efficient services.
Agile, dynamic, and dedicated. Working with us is a calculable business.

Discovery phase

Our initial meetings are all about getting our arms around your vision. From there, we can plan a roadmap and choose the best solution for your application development.


We start with sketches that capture your app’s look and feel. With your users’ needs front and center, we design eye-catching, intuitive interfaces that reinforce your brand, build loyalty and drive growth.


Theory translates into practice when we build the solution and its systems, security protocols, permissions, integrations, and features. Work is split into two weeks iterations and milestones.


An array of tests ensures that your solution is stable and secure.


It’s showtime! We make sure your app works seamlessly and completely ready for the big launch.

Support and maintenance

Excellence has no finish line. After we deliver the solution, we’re still available for updates and scheduled maintenance.

Easily track the progress

Track all progress in Jira.

Reports and Demos

We send over detailed reports each week or two.

Fast Response Time

Reach anyone on the team in Slack.

Ready for a project?

Let’s discuss Product development.

Tech Stack

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • React

  • TypeScript

  • Angular

  • Next.JS

  • Redux

  • JQuery

  • Tailwind

  • MUI